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Classes have been divided into  levels  according to: body alignment, execution of skills and performance ability. The levels will give each student, individually, a chance to progress as fast as they would like with the amount of work that their body requires to achieve it. Also the levels will give those who need work on some skills to work longer on those in order to have a better base for harder skills in the future. It is a win, win situation  a relaxed atmosphere for those who just enjoy dance but do not plan to go farther and a serious atmosphere for those who want to have skills to use in dance after high school.


We do not post class schedules. A dancers placement in class is at the discretion of the dance teacher. We want each and every dancer to feel comfortable and confident in class. Most importantly, we want them to have FUN!

Ballet is a classical form of dance. It is the foundation of all dance technique as it works strength, flexibility and helps the dancer to create long, beautiful lines of the body. It is characterized by its precision of movement, its musicality and its grace.
Jazz dance is a highly energetic and dynamic way of moving. It includes a variety of styles including Broadway, street jazz, Latin jazz and funk. It can be controlled and slow or sharp and explosive. Jazz dance is very expressive and highly entertaining.
Tap dancing makes the dancer a musician. The dancer creates rhythmic patterns with the metal plates on the bottom of his/her shoes. Like jazz dancing, tap uses a variety of styles. It can be light on the feet like Fred Astaire or it can be grounded with an urban street style like Savion Glover. Improvisation plays an important and fun part in the creation of tap dances.
Hip-Hop is rhythmic dancing to hip hop music. It uses the most up to date movements of hip-hop culture. It is a style of dance that originated in the streets of New York and Los Angeles and has been made popular by music videos.

Based on the technique used in ballet and jazz, this form of dance has become very popular. Lyrical dance often uses the words of a song as the intent of the dance. It is usually slow and sustained movements with long lines and emotional content. Very expressive.

Class Attire:


Leotard with pink tights

Ballet Shoes

Hair in bun

Ballet skirts are permitted.



Leotard with tights OR Jazz pants

Jazz or Lyrical Shoes

Hair in ponytail



Leotard with tights or any outfit that does not cover the ankles

Tan Tap Shoes

Hair in ponytail


Hip Hop

Any type of clothing is acceptable

(no jeans please) 

Hip Hop Shoes

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